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The Drawinglab of The Gerrit Rietveld Academy presents:

This year we offer you the opportunity to come and draw in the village of Ruigoord. Ruigoord is a worldfamous 'artists' - village under the smoke of Amsterdam. Started in the 60ties it's still one of those rare places that offer a free haven to all cultures….. (Amsterdam Historical Museum website)

Tuesday 14 september 14:00 uur there will be an introduction. The teachers Pietsjanke Fokkema and Wim Vonk will explain their workshop in the Big Barn.

The workshops will be Tuesday 14, Wednesday 15 and Thursday 16 September. 14.00-17.00 with a 30 minutes break. You van sign in NOW. Max. 15 students each workshop. Material (paper, crayon,) included no extra costs!


Drawing lab 1 Tuesday 14 september

Pietsjanke Fokkema: Drawing machines
The expo of the 'machines' that Wim Vonk has made, we will take as a starting point to draw your own invented machine.
Get inspired and use your fantasy.

Wim Vonk: Mechanical drawing
Drawing as an action, not influenced by the character of the maker, but dismantled from sensitivity or 'feelings', an automatic action caused by tempo and format.
Seismic recording.

Drawing lab 2 wednesday 15 september

Pietsjanke Fokkema: Drawing plans
the everiment of Ruigoord will be the starting point  to make a map of the surrounding, it can be from the perspective of a bird, or a helicopter,… if you are floating in the air, you draw from imagination a map of your surrounding.

Wim Vonk: Drawing as Performance
Drawing from the inside out……Also in this workshop the action will be the starting point, in conference with your own size: the 'human 'size.

Drawing lab 3 thirsday 16

Pietsjanke Fokkema: Cellars and underground tunnels
Think about what might be under the surface, of Ruigoord or Amsterdam or somewhere else…, in Turkey for example in Cappadocia exists a city, buil underground;
You can also approach it from a psychological point of view….

Wim Vonk: Drawing without a pencil
Drawing with found objects/material  on the spot. (bring your camera !)


It.s possible to sign in for more then one workshop
Send an e-mail with prefarance witch workshop you want to attend to
don't forget YOUR TELEPFONE Nr.

overige deelnemers

Omdat dit Tekenlab ook voor andere belangstellenden openstaat wordt van alle deelnemers gevraagd 3 of 4 recente tekeningen mee te nemen.


Rietveld studenten: geen
Overige deelnemers: 37,50 per workshop, inclusief materiaal

Alumni 25% reduction
People of Ruigoord 25% reduction

Middeleeuws Tekenproject in RC de Ruimte

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